Saturday, November 27, 2010

Was I born a thorn?

Was I born a thorn? I always thought I was who God made me to be, yet being loved was something I often daydreamed. Simply by being who I felt I was, I was a thorn...a thorn to many, but maybe among many? I exhibited "unacceptable" traits, asked "inappropriate" questions, and made decisions that most felt were "wrong". I created this blog's title months ago, listed my favorite blog reads, people that inspire me with their brand of wisdom. I finally agreed with myself about some kind of biographical info. Yet, I never posted anything...kept waiting for someone to tell me what to say. This morning while praying to God...once again, I heard "What are you waiting for?" I don't think the question was about the blog, but maybe this thorn has been quiet, too quiet. And begins


  1. Hooray! At last! What took you so long? (if you hear that in my voice or in God's, it's good to see you here!)

  2. Thank you Shannon! I can always hear God in your voice.

  3. Wow, glad you started! I'll be adding you to my reader! I also have a catholic blog called

    Also, I noticed your addy in the notification from wordpress. Are you in Albuqueque? We are planning on retiring to NM. If you have good ideas, maybe I can mine your brain! let me know.

  4. I would expect that in Godde's mind you are a beloved thorn with whom She is well pleased :-) Or maybe you see yourself as a thorn when in fact you are a lily in the field. Maybe this Lent you could find out how Godde sees you? How does she call you?

    Already knowing that you are infinitely precious in Her eyes,


  5. Claire,

    Thank you for your blessings and warm thoughts. This Lent is particularly meaningful to me. Shortly after that dark night in December of 2009, I again heard "What are you waiting for?" and "What do you want?". I spent lots of time praying, reading scripture, and quiet time with Godde and in the Fall of 2010, I knew that by accepting her love, the Church would change my life.

    I celebrated the Rite of Election with the Archbishop of Santa Fe last Sunday. The Cathedral was filled with Catechumens, Candidates and Sponsors. Even with all of the Church's imperfections, the Holy Spirit wooed my soul while being surrounded by Godde's newly adopted. When the announcement came: "Archbishop Sheehan, from John XXIII in Albuquerque, Gerald Faulkner" -- I felt Godde's loving embrace, her softening my thorn.

    On my way home, an occasional tear rolled down my cheek as I accepted her love. I know she calls me, how does she see me? where does she need me? During Lent, I will continue to spend quiet time with Godde -- listening for her call...discovering how she sees me.
    Peace, Jer...